I am a journalist and lecturer, with a passion for writing, books, sport, music and theatre. I’m the author of Feature Writing for Journalists (Routledge) and the joint editor of The Journalistic Imagination (Routledge). I co-edit Crime Review and am also half of Two Fat Vegetarians.

Oh, and I swiped the title for the blog from Gus’s line in the final series of The Wire, one of the most awesome TV dramas ever.


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26 10 2017
Sam Sturt

Hi Sharon,
Beth Whittaker gave me your details. I’m 15 years old and am really keen to get some work experience in journalism (esp. sports). I have written in the school newspaper for a year on the sports fixtures and results and am always reading sports articles on apps (e.g.Onefootball) and other online resources. I would really appreciate any advice or help that you might be able to give me regarding work experience.
Thank you very much

26 10 2017

Hi Sam! Beth mentioned you were looking for work experience. She’s emailed your dad and copied me in on it, so why don’t you email me and we can chat.

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